Idag passar det med lite egyptiskt. Här kommer lite forntida egyptisk poesi:

The love of my beloved is there, on the (other) side,
The river swallows my body.
Nun (flood) is strong in (this) season,
(And) a crocodile is waiting on the sandbank.
(Still) I go down to the water,
Wading through the waves . . .
The crocodile, I find, is like a mouse,
The floodwaters like land under my feet.
It is her love that makes me strong,
So she will cast a water-spell for me.
And I will see the one whom my heart loves,
Standing right before me.

Ostracon CGC 25218, Egyptian Museum, Cairo

The voice of the goose cries out,
Caught by its bait.
Your love holds me,
I cannot release it.
I will collect my nets.
What shall I tell my mother,
To whom I go every day,
Laden with birds?
I set no trap today,
(For) your love has seized me.

Papyrus BM EA 10060 (Papyrus
Harris 500), British Museum


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