En smakbit ur In the cities of coin and spice

Igår när jag funderade på tegelstenar till bästautmaningen, kom jag att tänka på en bok från förr, In the cities of coin and spice av Catherynne M Valente. Och det blir den boken jag delar en smakbit ur, för när jag kom att tänka på den mindes jag också hur vacker jag tyckte den var.

The Orphan's Tales: In the Cities of…

Så här börjar boken:

The paths of the garden were wet with fallen apples and red with their ruptured skin. Rag-clothed winds trailed over grass blanched of green; scarlet swallowed up the thrashing trees until all the many groves stood in long rows like bouquets of bloody flowers with long, black stalks.
It was the girl’s favorite time- food was never so easy to find, and the air was filled all through day and night with the flapping and fluttering of wings as crows circled south and geese fled even farther into the warm belly of the world. In the autumn her skirt was always full of pomegranates and grackle-eggs, and though the air was colder, the leaves’ color did not lie, and they warmed her like a fire beneath a squat iron pot.

Hösten är min favoritårstid också. Sidan 22.

The first dead leaves left their trees and floated down, their stems noiseless against the wet stones. Somewhere behind her, the girl could hear the slow rippling of the pond where the boy had caught her bathing, had caught her under the moon. There were low, wild roses around their cairn of rocks, but they had lost their color to rain and wind, and lay ruined at the children’s feet like torn pages.
”If you want me to stop-”
”No!” the boy said quickly, his dark eyes wide. ”I do not like it, but I could not bear it if I did not hear it out. Tell me about that awful place.”
The girl moved her hand over her eyes, touching that black, soft place where all these things had long ago been written. Not for the first time, she thought she could feel the letters burning into her. At length she began again, her voice echoing on the green rocks like water splashed into an empty well.


Tja, det var lite höstkänsla så här mitt i vintern! Mera smakbitar hittar ni som vanligt hos Flukten fra virkeligheten!




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